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Simple Solutions Consultoria was founded in 2008 by Marcia and Alberto Oliveira to offer consulting and training services focused on loss prevention in the industry, using the APICE methodology. Besides the oil & gas industries, our clients include companies in the electrical and nuclear power, heavy equipment and aviation fields.

Foto Marcia

Marcia Oliveira

Marcia Oliveira leads the academic sector of the company, which is aligned with her professional experience and qualifications, as an instructor and coordinator of various MBA courses. She is an architect, IT specialist and has a master’s in Business Administration and Development.

Foto Alberto

Alberto Oliveira

Alberto Oliveira worked in the Brazilian Naval Aviation. He is specialized and has solid experience with investigation of aeronautical accidents, as well as other industry sectors, acquired both in Brazil and abroad. He is also specialized in Work Safety and Quality Assurance.


José Ferraz

José Ferraz

Aircraft captain Flying large aircraft, he is specialized in investigation of aeronautical accidents by CENIPA (Center for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents)

Julio Cesar Valério

Julio Cesar Valério

Psychiatrist and flight surgeon, he is specialized in the Human Factor by CENIPA (Center for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents), and has worked in many accident investigations related to helicopter marine operations.

Rufino Antonio Ferreira

Rufino Antonio Ferreira

Specialized in aeronautical accident investigations, and is accredited by entities such as CENIPA, NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Has taken part in important aeronautical accident investigations.

Marisa Avellar

Marisa Avellar

Course coordinator at universities, with great experience with document control and training management.

Antecipate to Evolve!

The APICE methodology was developed after 30 years’ experience in the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Industrial Accidents, with both Brazilian and foreign organizations, in Brazil and abroad.

It goes deeper with the surveys to identify the root causes, in events that can vary from small deviations up to catastrophic failures, all with the purpose to prevent losses and increase operational efficiency.

It is deeply rooted on the concept of maintenance and improvement of process conformity to prevent losses and improve the performance of organizations.

We offer training and consulting in the Loss Prevention and Business Performance.



Our training may be offered in-company and through open courses to the public.

Loss Prevention and Investigation Course (PREVINV)

Loss Prevention and Abbreviated Investigation Course (ABREV)

Course on Strategic Prevention
of Losses (PEP)

Awareness Course (CNS)

This is a certified Exemplar Global Exemplify International Training Course.

We provide consulting services for the application of the APICE methodology and for issues related to aviation.



Our consulting services focus on the application of the APICE methodology for the diagnostic, loss investigation and integration with management systems.

Simple Solutions provide consulting services for aspects related to Operations, Maintenance, Flight Safety and Quality Assurance to air transport companies, as well as to the manufacturing and maintenance industry of aeronautical parts.

A few of our clients


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